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Charles A. Brady, CFP® began his financial career over 40 years ago. A graduate of St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, Charles went on to graduate from Seton Hall University in 1958. After a brief time with a major gas company, Charles’ strong desire to help others led him out of Corporate America and into the Immaculate Conception Seminary where he was ordained a priest in 1966.

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He served in several poor communities in NJ while assigned assistant pastor of Holy Spirit Church and St. Peter Claver Church in Montclair. Among his many accomplishments, he taught Dr. King’s nonviolent philosophy to black youth; he motivated troubled teenagers on the brink of destroying their lives; and established athletic teams that won 3 national championships in 8 years. Charley’s efforts as an educator, coach, mentor and father figure inspired many of his students to become star athletes in college, and most became productive members of their communities.

While a priest during the troubled times of the 1960’s, Charley became a good friend of Martin Luther King, Jr and his family. Dr. King personally invited Charley to attend the Southern Christian Leadership Convention, he was a guest in the King home, and he often represented Mrs. King at functions in NJ. The letters to and from Dr. King and his wife show the personal bond Charles developed with them during the civil rights movement, up until and after Dr. King’s death.

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A year after leaving the priesthood, Charley met his wife Carmie. A year later they married and had three sons: Matt, Scott, and Patrick.

After earning his CFP designation in 1981, he taught the course at Monmouth College. He established Associated Financial Planners, Inc. in 1982. He appeared on CNBC’s Money Talk among other TV programs. He is a 30 year member of the Elk’s Handicapped Children Committee and was 2003 Shillelagh of the year for the Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh. He was also named to “America’s Best Financial Planners” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America in 2006. Charles was also an inductee into the Point Pleasant Foundation for Excellence in Education. The awards and recognitions for his work in the financial planning field is a very long list, but his most important contribution was providing advice and service to his clients. He developed trusting, loyal relationships with his clients that spanned decades. Many of his clients became close, lifelong friends.

Client Centered

After selling the business to his son Scott in 2010, Charley continued to make himself available for consultations and meetings with clients.

He now enjoys his time with his sons and 3 grandchildren. As he has done all his life, Charley spends most of his time giving back. He and his sons founded the Carmie Brady Foundation, Inc. after his wife who passed away in 2004. The foundation raises money for local children who are seriously ill. Charles attends every fundraiser he possibly can and continues to give back to others as much as possible.

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